Nitrogen is a gas with a wide range of different uses. Industries from agriculture to food processing and even manufacturing depend on this versatile gas to keep their processes working. As a result, the demand for nitrogen is extremely high and some businesses have a hard time finding a supplier that can help keep operations continuous. Here at AdChem, we’re working hard to solve that problem.

About Nitrogen

Nitrogen is in demand because it offers qualities that are especially useful when it comes to cooling and freezing. It’s also a vital element for plant life. For those reasons, nitrogen is valuable to both those who grow cannabis and those who produce cannabis concentrates. Appropriate nitrogen levels help cannabis plants grow healthy.

Once the plant material has been harvested, additional nitrogen can be used to help cool it for subcritical extraction processes or to cool the cannabis concentrates. Pure nitrogen is important for cannabis extraction labs and any other type of business that makes consumable products because quality hydrocarbons lead directly to superior finished products. That’s exactly why we developed our proprietary Interior Cylinder Cleaning Method to ensure that we rent pure, uncompromised nitrogen.

Nitrogen Rentals

Here at AdChem, we rent cylinders of pure nitrogen. Additionally, we offer same-day distribution to labs in Colorado, California, and Southern Oregon to maximize uptime even on short notice. As with all of our other hydrocarbons, the nitrogen we sell offers a purity at or above 99.8%.

With more than 15 years of combined experience in packaged gas distribution, we’re ready to be your one-stop-shop for all of your consumable needs. Our distribution capabilities are unsurpassed, and we offer attentive customer service at every step along the way. Contact us to rent commercial nitrogen from us today.